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Legacy of Music

The last name “Saloio”, in my hometown is synonymous with music. I often hear, “You are a Saloio, what instrument do you play?” I proudly answer “the flute”.

My grandfather, Armelin Saloio, emigrated from Portugal to the United States in 1916.  He believed that each of his children should learn a musical instrument. Even if they chose other professions, he fervently believed that music was something they would value as an important part of their lives. My grandparents Lucianna and Armelin had nine children, seven boys and two girls. The seven brothers each played an instrument: Joe and Carlos the trumpet, Leon the baritone, Arthur (my dad) the French horn, James the clarinet and various saxophones, Raymond the drums and my grandfather played the tuba. Yes, a family band was born!

There are now four generations of Saloio musicians. Music is a means of fellowship and joy for my family. It has been a common bond holding us together in times of sadness and celebration. This beautiful legacy inspired me to pursue music as my profession. It is the reason that I am passionate about performing and teaching flute to all ages of aspiring flutists, beginners through advanced, adults and college level students.