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I enjoy having Elaine as my Teacher because she is very knowledgeable and helpful. She is also very patient and extremely talented, and I look forward to my lesson every week.

Kyle LaFleur
9th grade student

Elaine has been my daughter's teacher for nearly 4 years now. She has instilled in my daughter a passion for the flute, which I could have never done. She is patient with not only my daughter, but with me as well because I know nothing about music. Elaine is able to be firm with high expectations for growth, while still being gentle and kind. She is dedicated and reliable, always encouraging her students to aspire for more. As a result of Elaine's guidance, my daughter is one of two (the other also her student) freshman who are out-performing the upper classmen in their high school band. I believe that my daughter’s success is a direct result of her own hard work, however the teaching Elaine has provided is priceless.

Carleen Mullin
Parent of student

I was fortunate enough to take lessons with Elaine throughout middle and high school, driving almost an hour from my hometown each week. Some of my best habits (which I still maintain), including tone warm ups, etude studies and practice techniques, were introduced to me by Elaine during those lessons. While studying with Elaine I was accepted to study flute performance at Ithaca College, participated in Massachusetts' All State Orchestras and Wind Ensembles, and attended competitive summer music programs (including New England Music Camp, Boston University Tanglewood Institute, and Skidmore Summer Flute Workshop.) After my undergraduate degree I went on to complete a Master's degree at the University of Michigan, under the tutelage of flutist Amy Porter, but still kept in touch with Elaine. From lessons during college breaks to helpful tips on teaching my current students, Elaine has remained an important musical figure in my life to this day.

Emily Wespiser
Professional flutist NYC
Master’s in Flute Performance
Studied with Amy Porter at University of Michigan

I began studying with Elaine in the fall of 1993. I was a 5th grader who had wanted to play the clarinet. Upon trying out various instruments, the conductor brought out the flute, and I was able to make a sound right away. I wasn't thrilled, to be honest. I hadn't ever even considered the flute. But, my first lessons with Elaine change that. 

Hearing the beauty she brought through that instrument made me want to emulate it. I worked hard, and she was gentle but firm--never hesitant to call me out when it was obvious I hadn't worked as hard as I should have. 

I don't remember ever struggling to get on the same page as her. Her teaching style was natural and we were able to grow together as teacher and student. I took lessons from her until I graduated high school in 2001, and then again for one summer during college.

I started college at Plattsburgh State University, which allows students to take Concert Band for credit. No auditions needed. My conductor was very enthusiastic about my "talent" and I can say with certainty that it was due to Elaine's instruction. There were pieces presented to me at the college level in lessons or the flute ensemble that I'd work through in part or whole as a high school student with Elaine. 

Elaine doesn't just work with the student you are now, but challenges you to move on to the one you want to become.

I graduated from Cornell University in 2005 with a sociology degree, but continued to play my flute off and on as a meditative activity. More recently, I joined the Belchertown Community Band in the summer of 2013 and have even considered taking lessons again just because it's such a rewarding experience.

I'm a full-time author now, and recently co-wrote a romance novel titled "Nocturne" that has a flute player as its female lead. The flute has become such an ingrained part of my personality that it wasn't until I sat to write this statement that I even remembered having wanted to play the clarinet. 

Andrea Aldrich Randall
Professional Writer/Author

Elaine helped me to grow, not only as a musician but as a person. She always believed in me and pushed me to be better. I will be forever grateful for her patience and knowing when I needed that extra push. I couldn’t have done this with anyone else as my teacher.

Kaleigh Kelleher
Graduate of Westfield State University 2014

I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me! You have influenced me as a flute player and as a person. You have taught me so much and you are always kind to me. Your ability and talent regarding flute playing will continue to guide me and I hope to always keep flute a part of my life.

Emma Giordano
Student, University of New Hampshire

As a flute player for nine years, my last two years of high school enabled me to study with Elaine Saloio.  It very clearly is because of her teaching style that I have been able to progress as far as I have at still a relatively young age. While she would not let me get away with any mistake, no matter how minute, she pushed me towards perfection in a caring way. I never felt intimidated or put-down while being criticized; instead the corrections were conveyed in an understandable and constructive way. What always helped was not only the use of explanation, but also her demonstration during the learning experience. Each lesson incorporated physical playing on Elaine’s part, along with verbal instruction that expanded my understanding of the style, color, and attitude of the given music. As her student, opportunities were provided to me which included being able to perform with piano accompaniment for a recital, as well as being well prepared to audition and perform at the state level. These have been essential experiences to have, given that I was soon to be entering college. I am now attending Wheaton College with a major in psychology and a minor in music performance. I continue to study with a private instructor, play in multiple ensembles, compete in competitions and perform in student recitals.

Lauren Grocot
tudent at Wheaton College

I studied with Elaine Saloio at a transitional time in my development, and it is thanks to her positive and inspiring teaching that I continued to pursue playing the flute professionally. In our time together I was able to build confidence in my musicianship and refine the art of musical communication. I am currently Professor of Music at Adams State University where I am fortunate to pass along to others what I have learned.

Dr. Tracy Kane Doyle

I am a 52 year old woman who started playing flute again after years and years!! When I started playing, I realized I had lost so much of my tone and pitch through the years- my embouchure, they call it! I've been taking lessons from Elaine for about a year now and she is just so great at explaining and finding what I am doing wrong and correcting it. I'm not gonna lie, I don't sound like her, she's amazing!! But gradually, I feel like I sound pretty good!! To be honest, it takes practice, but I work and home school 2 boys, and I fit in practice when I can, so it takes time. It is such a joy to be playing again and I kick myself for getting away from it for so long, but life does gets busy and I hope I never stop til I drop!!

Echo Yanosky
Adult Amateur Flutist & Hospital Nurse

I took flute lessons with Elaine, many years ago as a sophomore in high school.  Elaine was my first flute teacher.  Before then, I had only been taught by band directors and did a whole lot of practicing on my own. I look back quite fondly on my time with Elaine.  She helped me make it into my first festival experience, as I passed my audition for the Western MA. Senior District Festival that year.  She was kind, patient and very capable of pinpointing the areas I needed help on.  I wish I could have studied with her longer, however, I moved out of state at the end of my sophomore year.  I am very grateful for the time I did have with Elaine.  It was extremely valuable, despite the short duration we had.  I went on to major in Music Education at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  I now am a flute teacher myself and have been teaching for the past two decades. Thank you Elaine!

Jessica Berchin
Private Flute teacher and Music Educator

I count myself as lucky to have had the opportunity to study with Elaine Saloio during my time at Westfield State University. Elaine is a supportive teacher who truly knows how to bring out the best in her students. Through tailoring her instruction so as to best work with each student’s individual styles of learning, Elaine helps students develop into skilled musicians. I made great progress in my time studying with her, and looked forward to lessons and the supportive environment that she created.

Paige Cerulli
Graduate Westfield State University
Double Major in Flute Performance and English/Creative Writing

I studied with Elaine from 8th grade through high school. With her guidance I was able to join the Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras (now BYSO my junior and senior Years in High School and study at the Tanglewood Institute the summers before sophomore and junior years in high school. After studying with Elaine, I was the only performance major accepted to study with Wendy Mehne at Ithaca College. It became clear to me at Ithaca how lucky I was to have a teacher like Elaine in High School who prepared me so well in all the fundamentals so I could dive in to more exciting things like music making with upperclassmen.

Following Ithaca College I went on to study with Jill Felber and Marianne Gedigian and won the Pappoutsakis Competition, a competition Elaine had introduced me to in High School and both Elaine and Marianne had previously won. Since 2005 I have dedicated my musical life to performing on period flutes and in 2009 I won the NFA Baroque Artist competition. I am a founding member of Grand Harmonie, an ensemble dedicated to the performance of late Classical and Romantic repertoire on period instruments and Musical Offering, a baroque chamber ensemble who just released its debut CD - CPEB: The Piano Quartets, which includes the famous "Hamburger" Sonata.

Sarah Paysnick
Professional Modern and Baroque Flutist, Boston, MA

Elaine Saloio was my flute teacher for four years, while I pursued my Bachelors of Music at Westfield State University. While studying with Elaine, she was not only an inspiration for my own flute playing, but also someone I could confide in about my college experiences. During our weekly hour lessons, we would practice technical exercises, etudes, and pieces of varying styles and difficulty. Also in this time she would make an effort to get to know me and ask about how things were going with my studies, and life. I looked forward to my lessons for that reason, along with knowing that I would be improving my flute playing skills. She became someone who I did not want to disappoint, and I would practice for hours a day to make sure I was always prepared for my lessons. Even now, after graduating from Westfield, holding an elementary general music position in the Stonington, Ct. Public School System, and pursuing my masters, Elaine and I still stay in touch. I am grateful to her for my flute skills, and her friendship.

 Jess Castelli Shelburg

Elaine was a wonderful teacher and mentor to me during my four years at Westfield State University. A patient and enthusiastic teacher, Elaine was able to challenge me beyond what I thought I was capable of and was incredibly supportive of all of my endeavors. She not only taught me how to be a better musician, she taught me how to be a better teacher.

Amanda Fillio
B.A. Music Education, Westfield State University (2005)
M.M. Music Education, Boston University (2010)
M.Ed. Educational Leadership, Cambridge College (2013)
Instrumental Music Teacher, New Canaan Country School, New Canaan, CT

As a former student of Elaine Saloio's, I give her the highest recommendation for professionalism and excellence in teaching flute performance. Elaine has played a very significant  role in the development of my musical abilities. Having studied under her tutelage for three years, she effectively communicated her expertise and was continually supportive of and dedicated to my aspirations.  In addition, Elaine was patient and notably diligent in working with me, consistently maintaining a high level of focus throughout the entire lesson. She always provided very helpful pointers to challenge and improve the quality of my performance. The overall guidance she offered and the exceptional quality of her instruction allowed me to achieve a level of excellence in flute performance which qualified me as Principal Flutist of the Springfield Symphony Youth Orchestra and as a member of the Massachusetts All-State Concert Band. I am currently the Principal Flutist of the Chamber Orchestra at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. Although I have chosen not to major in music, the time I spent training with Elaine has been most influential in developing and maintaining my passion for music. It is an inseparable part of me, and I am most grateful for Elaine’s inspiration and fine instruction. I would not have been able to accomplish what I did without Elaine’s musical excellence and dedication to teaching, and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had her as my flute instructor.

Lauren Gerberich
Student at The College of The Holy Cross, Worcester, MA